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Sonoma County News

Forestville Teachers Strike

Forestville Teachers and District have reached an agreement and the 4 day strike is over. A new 3 year contract was agreed on which give the teachers an increase in pay by 5% and with health care contributions. (photo courtesy CBS San Francisco)

Petaluma DUI Crash

Petaluma police arrested a woman on suspicion of DUI and child endangerment after she allegedly struck two bicyclists at an intersection. The 22 year old driver admitted to drinking alcohol before driving and running the red light at an intersection, striking the two cyclists. Both with minor injuries. (photo courtesy KGAN)

Wildfire Victims

Tubbs Fire victims were in court this week, bringing their cases to a bankruptsy judge who heard about the accusations against PG&E. The focus has been on the origin of the fire, whether it was a private property ignition, as Cal Fire determined, or PG&E, who the plaintiffs want to see compensate them for losses in October 2017. (photo courtesy South China Morning Post)

Chanate Property

California Community Housing Agancy has backed out of their bid to develop the former site of Sutter Hospital on Chanate Road. The Agency dropped plans to turn the 72 acres site into affordable housing due to delays from neighbors pushing for legal action against the plan, and uncertain approval of the city and county for the project. (photo courtesy County of Sonoma)

PG&E Information

With the heat today, PG&E and other first responders are looking at safety measures. Though there's no anticipated power shut offs right now, weather conditions can change quickly. Around the Bay area, 150,000 customers have not updated their contact information for emergency alerts. 6458 in Sonoma County. Go to pge.com/my wild fire alerts to update your information. (photo courtesy PG&E)

Opiod Overdose Lawsuit

Santa Rosa phycisian Dr Thomas Keller is facing second degree murder charges for the deaths of four patients, allegedly from overprescribed medications. The state attorney's general office announced the charges against the neurosurgeon and pain management specialist is a first in the state for overprescribing opiods. Keller was arrested earlier this week. (photo courtesy Change.org)

Schools Starting

More students are starting school today. 15 more districts begin classes today, adding to the two that started yesterday, and then another 12 start tomorrow. Be careful driving around school this morning and again this afternoon with lots of kids and parents getting to know the best routes and times to arrive at schools. Here is the link to the school calendar https://www.scoe.org/files/District_Calendar_2019-20.pdf (photo courtesy Fulton County Schools)

Gun Violence Laws

This morning, Congressman Mike Thompson used his role as the chairman of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force to urge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to push the bipartisan Background Check measures through the Senate, after they have already passed the house more than 160 days ago. The measure have been blocked by McConnell. (photo courtesy Mike Thompson)

Power Shut Offs

Before the power is shut off, residents need to be notified. Senator Mike McGuire has written legislation that will require early notifications of planned power shut offs need to be given to police, fire, sheriff departments, health care facilities, and telecommunication providers, which in turn will send messages to residents and businesses. (photo courtesy Times-Standard)

Schools Starting

Students will be heading back to school this week. Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified and Roseland start tomorrow. Most others will start on Wednesday and Thursday, with just a few starting next week. Here is the link to the school calendar site. https://www.scoe.org/files/District_Calendar_2019-20.pdf (photo courtesy Flickr)

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