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Sonoma County News

Power Restoring To Sonoma County

The lights are back on for more than half of PG&E's customers who lost power this week. 46% of Sonoma County who lost power have it back now, and the rest is on the way today and tomorrow. About 426,000 out of a total 738,000 have been restored. About 312,000 customers remain without power. As the weather improved, an "all-clear" signal was given at 2:11yesterday afternoon indicating the weather had subsided to the point where safety inspections, repair and restoration efforts were able to begin in many areas, and will continue this morning. The PG&E Community Resourse Centers will remain open at the Santa Rosa Vets Building, and Hanna Boys Center. (Photo courtesy Sierra News Online)

Some Schools Closed Today

Most Sonoma County Schools will be open again today. Here is a list of the few that will remain closed today: Sonoma Valley Unified School District Sonoma County Office of Education - Open except for Sonoma Valley Transition Program Waugh School District—closed for non-student days. Teacher conferences still running. West Side Union School District And all SRJC campuses and site will remain closed today, too, as well as Sonoma State University, closed today and tomorrow. (photo courtesy Shared Schoolyard Project)

Santa Rosa Police Receive Grant

Santa Rosa Police Department picked up a grant to fund traffic safety education. The state office of traffic safety gave SRPD $350,000 that is already being used for a one year program with the goal of reducing injuries and deaths from traffic collisions. Officers will be giving presentations on the effects of impaired driving, and providing more DUI checkpoints. (photo courtesy Santa Rosa)

Power Restoring

Some improvements in the weather means some restorations of power. PG&E has restored power to around 50,000 customers in the Sierra Foothills, and patrols in some areas of Humboldt County have started. Power may start coming back on this afternoon in some areas, but it may take days to fully restore power due to neccesary inspections of lines and equipment. Before power is restored at your home or business, experts say you should disconnect computers and appliances to avoid power surge damage. (photo courtesy Dissolve)

Wildfire Victims Financial Plan

A federal bankruptcy judge in San Francisco cleared the way for a group of PG&E bondholders and wildfire victims of the 2017 and 2018 wildfires to submit a rival financial restructuring plan to compete with the utility's own proposal after PG&E filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January. Yesterday, a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge ended the so-called exclusivity period provided by bankruptcy law. The alternative proposal would provide up to $14.5 billion to compensate individual fire victims, while PG&E's plan would furnish $8.4 billion. (photo courtesy PG&E)

School Marijuana

California schools will get to decide if parents can administer medical marijuana to their children on school campuses. Legislation signed by Governor Gavin Newsom reverses a current prohibition on cannabis within 1,000 feet of K-12 campuses. School districts will have the final say on whether they will allow it. (photo courtesy Leafly)

Traffic Alert

With the power out today, be careful driving. Signal may not be working, and some drivers are not stopping, as required by law. Remember, it the traffic lights are not working, treat it like a 4 way stop. (photo courtesy abc action news)

Shut Off Phases

PG&E confirmed that it has implemented the first phase of a Public Safety Power Shutoff's across portions of its service area in response to the widespread, severe wind event. The first phase impacting approximately 513,000 customers beginning at midnight last night. Customer shut downs, so far, impact 23 counties, including Sonoma, and neighboring counties Lake, Marin, Solano, and Mendocino. The second phase of the Public Safety Power Shutoff will occur around noon today, impacting the South Bay area, and the third phase will impact around 42,000 customers and the areas are still being determined. (photo courtesy PG&E)

Blood Drive

Two High Schools in Santa Rosa are competing to see who's more vein. Santa Rosa High and Montgomery High are taking their cross town rivalry to Vitalent, formerly Blood Centers of the Pacific, to see you can give the most blood this week. The end result will be the victory of patients that benefit in local hospitals. (photo courtesy ars technica)

2017 Fire Observances

The County, and the city of Santa Rosa, are holding observances for the 2 year anniversary of the North Bay wildfires. The community is invited to take part, in a ceremony with local firefighters, and a "moment of silence" to remember those who lost their lives. It's happening this afternoon starting at 5 at Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa. This morning at 8:30 the county board of supervisors will hold a 44 second moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives in the fire. (photo courtesy Santa Rosa Fire)

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